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We are continuing to encourage everyone to become part of this very important organization. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Safety Message
According to the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), in 2020, there were an estimated:

102,000 total work zone crashes
44,000 work zone injuries
857 total work zone fatalities
244 commercial motor vehicle-involved fatalities
156 pedestrian fatalities in work zones

Cautious driving is crucial for maintaining safe work zones. ARTBA research found that over 30% of fatal work zone crashes on urban interstates and over 50% on rural interstates involve commercial vehicles.

Please ensure that you take note of reduced speed limits, eliminate distractions and be watchful for roadway workers and their equipment when approaching and entering a work zone.

In other words, slow for the cone zone.

Spring is here, and that means more cars on the road. Things may be a little different this year because gas prices are so high, but there will still be more cars on the road filled with people who are relaxed because the weather is clearing up. As a professional driver, this is your time to be extra vigilant because we all know people on vacation do not pat attention when they're driving.

Drive smooth, drive slow, drive safe.

1. Inspect Your Vehicle
2. Slow Down
3. Give Yourself Some Extra Space
4. Stay Smooth
5. Pay Attention to the Tire Spray
6. Let There Be Light
7. Take Evasive Action
8. When in Doubt, Pull Over
9. Be Prepared
10. Check Twice

Here is the full article: https://gpstrackit.com/blog/winter-driving-tips-truck-drivers/


Chain season is once again upon us. Please make sure you have the correct number of chains in your trucks, last time we check everything was in order but if you need more please notify Jared immediately.


Covid-19 may be raging, but people are traveling more than ever. RV and Trailer sales have skyrocketed, add in low fuel costs and the highways are now packed with inexperienced drivers in very large vehicles pulling trailers for the first time.

it is critical to give extra room to these novice drivers so you don't end up tangled in their accidents.


​This winter is does not show any signs of slowing down! We've said it before but we'll say it again. Drive slow, Drive smooth, Drive safe. We're here to support you with weather and routing updates. You're the captain of your truck, if things start go look bad, give us a call and shut it down. No load is worth driving through a storm and ending up in a wreck.

ELD Update.

Omnitracs Discovered an issue with our ELDs and has switched us to "official" ELD mode. We are NOW %100 ELD (even though we were told this weeks ago.) Please stay vigilant with breaks and when switching Active drivers, Thank you (1/13/19)


2019 W2's are available through your Paychex App. Please contact Jared if you are unable to access your W2. (1/10/20)

The time has come for ELD

We will be switching all units to ELD mode on 10/14/19
This means there will be no editing of driving and on-duty time. Please be present with your drive time, rest/meal breaks, and where you are on the clock.

Along with putting on new trucks we are updating our cameras and ELDs. To learn how to use the new ELDs please watch the following video by clicking the link then on "how to log into the IVG"


It's the first of the month, so you'll have new safety training up for Impact Training Solutions.
Second There will be a phone safety meeting on 8/6 information about the call will be posted here by the end of the week.
Lastly, there will be no vacation between 10/1/18 and 1/1/19 as it is peak. 
Thank you.

Please check your email for your MONTHLY safety training. It must be completed.
Summer is finally here. Yes parts of the country are still experiencing storms, but the heat has been cracked up to high. This weather condition means it is vital to stay hydrated. Now, that doesn't mean chugging a bunch of water right before work, it means consistently drinking water throughout the day. And to answer your question Sodas/energy drinks DO NOT COUNT.

the other thing to watch out for is tire pressure. when you you from 80 degree at sea level to 110 are 1000 above sea level your ire pressure will go way up. And to answer our question, no, tire thumpers are NOT ACCURATE.

Spring is upon us, this means flooding, wind storms, hydroplaning, and increased traffic from vacation commuters. These hazards can be deadly if you don't keep an eye out for them. 

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our drivers. Over the last month the communication has been excellent. Weather, dispatching, and outside power have been challenging, but our teams have really held it together, and kept the lines of communication open.
Again, thank you all.

We've hit that time of year when Rialto is nice and sunny and as you head east you hit storm after storm. Make sure to ask Rialto or us for weather conditions and make sure you are dispatched on alternate routes.

Sections of the I80 through Wyoming have been closed and a Level 1 chain requirement is in effect.

Snow is here, so that means it's chain season once again.
Please make sure you have chains for truck and trailers.
If you are short chains, go to line-haul as they have ordered chains for us.

We are in peak, this means that load integrity and communication is more important than ever.

Also, peak means that schedules and run assignments may change without notice. We may be asked to do a short/long, so you'll do a short run before you go out for a longer run. There will be plenty of work for everyone if we work together and communicate what is going on.

We all know that parking at line-haul is a challenge, but during peak it is even more so. To help with the congestion this peak there will be someone from line-haul in the parking lot instructing people where to park. These people are to be listened to and treated with respect.

Also, outside power and rail assignments will be run out of a makeshift dispatch in E-wing. 

Starting October 1st FedEx will no longer accept paper logs. This means that your logs MUST BE completed (on FedEx logs) and left in our box when you return from your trip. NO EXCEPTIONS.
You will be put on safety hold and disqualified as a FedEx driver if your logs are not converted and turned in on time.
Also, we are not auditing your logs, so if you receive a violation you may be put on safety hold and disqualified. Please make sure your logs are correct.

Attention all drivers
If you are out on a dedicated run, and a terminal sends you ANYWHERE other than your assigned route, take the hook slip first, then contact us immediately regardless of the time, no matter what the terminal manager/dispatcher tells you.

New procedure with Omnitracs
If you are having problems with your E-logs between 7:00-22:00 PST 
please call: 800-541-7490 and select option #1.
If you are not able to resolve your issue, then call us.

Important addition to our safety program
With the new dispatch we won't be seeing a lot of our teams on Tuesday like we used to. We must stay compliant with our safety program, so every week there will be a safety sheet in the black SiouxTrucking box in line haul.
​Please read and sign the sheet.


New Truck Parking:
Go to 2701 W St, San Bernardino, CA 92415

This is not the address to the trucks, but you will see the truck parking lot on the right just before the aforementioned address.


The DOT issued an extension on the use of green medical cards, due to extensive problems and glitches with the white form.  

You may continue to use your green card or will be issued a new green card until further notice.

You must still take your medical information into the DMV ASAP after getting your medical renewed, get a receipt, turn in your paperwork to fedex and a copy of the new medical to us.